Fairwind Creative offers a full suite of web services to support your company’s online marketing efforts. We are a full-service graphic design and website development company well versed in a full spectrum of digital marketing. Because we embrace green, eco-friendly technology, we offer 100% wind-powered web hosting. Contact us to learn more.

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Navigating Success

Websites have come a long way since their initial conception. They’re fluid, highly effective marketing tools, and we’ve come to rely on them as tools for communication and sales. Adhering carefully to your brand’s particular guidelines, we engineer all our websites to be mobile-responsive, meaning the content is designed at an optimal size for readability across all popular devices including, and perhaps most importantly, cell phones.

All our websites include basic search engine optimization to help get you off on the right foot. We also set you up with one year of free monthly Google Analytics data reports to help you track your website’s monthly visitor counts, keyword trends, device viewership, and global traffic locations. Successful websites involve a fair amount of digital marketing, and we offer that too.

Some of our tools of the trade

Web Hosting,

At Fairwind Creative, we embrace green technology whenever possible. We do our part to support renewable energy by making it a “breeze” to join in. With so many options out there, it’s nice to know there are green, eco-friendly alternatives for your web hosting needs, like our 100% wind-powered web hosting.

Our websites are automatically backed up daily. In addition, we perform an additional manual backup prior to performing any software update, as a safety precaution.

You bet! Every one of our websites includes a free SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt, with the option of upgrading to an Alpha Wildcard SSL for more robust protection. This not only offers protection for your visitors, but Google and other search engines tend to put a greater emphasis on websites beginning with “https://”.

Totally your choice! We can build your website on whichever host you prefer. If you already have a hosting account, we’ll just need access to it.

We certainly do – we provide optional email services with every hosting account. Even our smallest website hosting package includes up to 5 email accounts.

One size doesn’t fit all

Gone are the days of boxy, static websites that only worked on a desktop screen. This is the 21st century. All of our websites are naturally mobile-responsive and thoroughly tested across all popular browsers, mobile devices, and platforms—fine-tuned for a seamless, intuitive, and pleasurable user experience. Contact us for current information on new, responsive websites.

If you build it

They “might” come…

We love designing and building websites. They are tremendous marketing tools, and without one your business will likely suffer. But that only gets you halfway. Without SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) your customers might never know your website exists. These two major facets of digital marketing evolved alongside web design for two specific purposes: infusing your site with accurate, keyword-rich, organic content that helps it get found more easily by search engine searches, and channeling visitors to it from other sources.

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. We stream our TV shows and music, blaze past commercials, and pay fees to skip ads in our software subscriptions. Advertising to a world of people glued to their Facebook account is a good place to start, but you can quickly spin your wheels if you’re targeting the wrong audience. That’s where we come in. Our team speaks Google’s secret language. We invest careful time researching your company’s particular niche, explore the marketing tactics being used by your competitors, implementing time-tested social media campaign strategy, and finding unique avenues to help grow your success.

Contact us to discuss how Fairwind Creative can help grow your business by driving traffic to your website.

Get Social

Love it or hate it, social media consumes a good portion of our lives these days. Social media ad campaigns can pack a powerful punch, helping you spread the word about your services and reaching people outside your list of followers. Also, posting valuable, informative content in your feed (not just paid advertisements) reaffirms your company’s ability to reach its audience across various platforms. It serves as a way to keep your products and services fresh in the minds of your dedicated followers. Staying active on social media, and following others in your industry, helps you clue-in to how your competitors are promoting their products.

Does your business need social media? Maybe… if you’re willing to put in the work to keep up with it. We never urge businesses to open social media accounts unless they intend to publish content frequently. It’s a world unto itself, and if you have someone on staff with a few hours a week to dedicate to it, you might do very well. Fortunately, you have the option of hiring professionals like us to monitor your progress, track and study your clicks and interactions, conduct analytics reports, and provide suggestions for improvement. Need help getting started? We’re always happy to help design your page graphics and strategize successful campaigns.